Takoa Invest invests in companies with growth potential


Takoa Invest is a Finnish family-owned investment company. We own and develop companies with growth potential as well as real estates both in Finland and abroad.

Takoa Invest

Our goal as a long-term and active owner is to help growth companies to develop and grow their businesses also internationally.

As a real-estate owner and lessor

our objectives are to offer high-class and workable real estates for businesses and to serve as a long-term and reliable partner.

Our in-depth expertise and extensive network

enable our portfolio companies to develop and expand their operations in addition to investment contributions. Due to our long entrepreneurial experience, we understand what it takes economically and emotionally to build up and grow businesses.


Seppo Saastamoinen, Chairman of the Board
Jari Sonninen, Member of the Board
Eliisa Saastamoinen, Member of the Board
Tomi Saastamoinen, Member of the Board
Laura Vartiainen, Member of the Board
Vesa Tengman, Member of the Board
Antti Saastamoinen, Member of the Board
Lasse Saastamoinen, Member of the Board

Seppo Saastamoinen, CEO
Jari Sonninen, General Counsel
Joni Nurmentaus, CFO
Tomi Saastamoinen, Investment Director
Laura Vartiainen, Investment Director
Henri Lyyra, Investment Manager
Margit Kakko, Executive Assistant