Our investments


2ndChain is an online service, which connects suppliers to online retailers. 2ndChain catalog contains hundreds of thousands of articles from hundreds of different suppliers. The service allows online retailers to expand their product range with a single click, without start-up nor operating costs. 2ndChain is adding value by saving time and effort by automating the product information management (PIM) and order fulfillment processes. 2ndChain is compatible with many known e-commerce platforms, which allows online retailer to implement the service quickly and without expensive integration projects. Due to the easy accessibility, new online retailers are constantly joining 2ndChain. www.2ndchain.com



Qvintip, developed by Aprovix, can detect the causes of cervical cancer before cell changes occur, thus giving patients the best prospects of starting early treatment. Qvintip is easy and reliable to use in the comfort of your own home. www.aprovix.com


BN Clarity Inc

Imagine Clarity delivers training and creative mobile applications for individuals, businesses and organizations to train the mind and strengthen the inner core to succeeded and yet a live a meaningful life. The applications distribute mind training and compassion expertise from leading authors to support both an individual’s inner development and the future of business cultures worldwide. www.imagineclarity.com

Fatec – lentotuhkapohjaiset Ecofax-tuotteet


Fatec’s fly ash technology for eco-efficient concrete products helps power plant operators to achieve 100% utilization of coal fly ash. The resulting Ecofax products enable concrete and mortar producers improve the quality of their products while reducing both costs and the environmental footprint of concrete. www.fatec.fi

FinnFleet Tankers

FinnFleet Tankers

FinnFleet Tankers operates a fleet of 100,000 – 160,000 DWT tankers. These time-chartered vessels are operated globally in joint ventures together with the leading tanker pools for the transportation of crude oil and similar products. The company is incorporated in Singapore, London, Helsinki and Tallinn. finnfleet.com



Goodwiller has developed a reliable, easy-to-use and affordable alcohol tester for retail distribution. www.goodwiller.fi

HLD Healthy Life Devices

HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd is a pioneering Finnish healthcare technology company. The treatment method it has developed represents the newest technology in the field. Our therapy devices are already in use at approximately three hundred locations in various parts of Finland, Europe and the USA. The HLD medical devices LymphaTouch and PhysioTouch have established their place in the toolkit of healthcare professionals. They can be used to significantly improve patients’ quality of life by reducing pain and swelling and improving range of motion. HLD is a rapidly growing company aiming to strongly increase our share in international markets. www.physiotouch.com



Indoor Atlas is a global leader in indoor magnetic positioning. Its mission is to bring its indoor positioning service to all mobile devices. With its high accuracy – around one meter – indoor positioning technology can be used to gather useful data for many applications. The company operates in Finland and the USA. www.indooratlas.com

Real estate companies

Takoa Invest operates as an active real estate owner and landlord in different types of commercial real estates. Investments are made through companies that are either fully or co-owned by Takoa Investment Group.

Intelligent solutions for medical care direction – Klinik Healthcare Solutions

Klinik Healthcare Solutions is a health technology company that produces clinically proven solutions and services for condition and urgency recognition, customer segmentation and patient flow management. www.klinikhealthcaresolutions.com

Lumir - rajatonta akustiikkaa


Lumir has developed a new and simple way to insulate sound. Lumir’s sprayed-on acoustical coating absorbs sound and thus does not require any acoustic wool underlay. It is suitable for both new builds and restoration projects. Uniquely combining simplicity and quality, Lumir is a patented soundproofing innovation from Finland. www.lumir.fi


Rollock is superior in its ease of use and its rotating latch technology creates a whole new standard for accessibility. Minimalistic design sets Rollock apart from all other smartlocks. Rollock is the only smartlock in the world where the deadbolting, user recognition and design meet to  create an innovative product, a smartlock that connects to the so-called “internet of things”. www.rollock.fi

Fonella – Easy shopping

Spottio Indoor Solution

Founded in 2006, Spottio Indoor Solution’s business activities focus on digital marketing channels, targeted marketing and the opening of new business ventures. With the help of Spottio’s services, it is possible for businesses to provide a more versatile range of services and purchasing experiences for their customers. www.spottio.com


Wash your car whenever you want at an economic, fixed monthly fee. No difficult program choices. No waiting in line. No tokens. Just one press of a button at the beginning of the wash line and you are ready to drive in. The automated facility identifies your car based on the registration number and lets you in. During the wash, you can use our free Wi-Fi connection to surf the net. www.juhlapesu.fi



SuperPark is the ultimate indoor activity park experience for everyone – children, teens, adults, families, corporate or company fun days out, team building activities. Serious fun geared for everyone, all ages and abilities! www.superpark.fi



Tokmanni Group is the largest discount retailer in the Nordic countries with 169 stores. Tokmanni’s mission is to offer an extensive range of quality products at affordable prices. In 2017, Tokmanni’s revenue was EUR 797 million and on average it had approximately 3,255 employees. www.tokmanni.fi


Viafin Group is a trusted supplier of process industry. Viafin manufactures pulp towers, pressure vessels and industrial pipingassemblies. We serve leading production system suppliers and clients in energy, pulp & paper and mining industries. Viafin has operations in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Viafin Groups revenue is 60M euros and personnel is 300 people. www.viafin.fi

Theranica | Therapeutic Electronics

Theranica has developed an effective and easy-to-use electrode patch for the treatment of migraine headaches. The neuromodulatory pain-reducing effect is achieved by non-painful electrical stimulation, without pharmaceuticals. theranica.com


Agroy has developed a cloud-based buying platform for farmers across continents to buy agri-inputs efficiently at scale. Agroy operates in Finland, the USA and India. www.agroygroup.com